About the Photographer


Steve Whipple is an award winning Southern Oregon photographer and has had extensive experience in the field for the past 35 years with experiences including wedding photography, portrait photography, commercial product photography, studio work and outdoor/landscape photography. Since going completely digital in 2003, Steve has focused almost exclusively on fine art outdoor and landscape photography, with his primary focus on Oregon and the Pacific Northwest. His images convey often ordinary scenes that are enhanced with post processing techniques to create an image that is powerful, moving and pleasing to the eye.

Artist Statement:

Many of my images consist of scenes that people walk by every day without giving the subject or scene a second thought.  Or, they may be my unique interpretation of a scene that has been often captured in some form by other photographers before me. My processes involve meticulous attention to detail in my field technique, along with work in today?s digital darkroom software to fine tune, optimize and adjust contrasts, colors, tonalities, luminosity and other elements in order to better present to you the experience I felt when I captured the image.  While I will push these elements to a large degree, I strive to keep the images from being over processed or surreal.

Nature provides the opportunity to capture scenes that are moving and beautiful. The digital age of photography allows almost limitless abilities to make images even more special and powerful.  

I consider my camera almost an extention of my right arm.  I'm rarely without it.



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